Dracula Untold Reshoots Connect The Movie To Universal’s Monsterverse

dracula untold

A few months back, we heard news via Badass Digest that Universal had ordered a set of reshoots on their vampire reboot, Dracula Untold. The specifics surrounding the new footage were hazy at best. What we do know is that the studio had opted to lens a few extra pick-up scenes so that the movie could be slotted into its upcoming “monsterverse.” Their proposed rebooting of their hottest – and oldest – monster properties fully intends to base itself on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe model.

With that being said, the outlet have now backed up their earlier reporting. Apparently early word coming out of previews for the film indicates that the one day’s worth of shooting has nestled itself onto the end of the flick. Of course, tacking on pre, post and mid-credits scenes is a practice that Marvel have honed to perfection. Their continued success has hinged largely upon the fan frenzy that mounts around what exactly those scenes will include.

Now, there’s word of exactly what that scene at the end of Dracula Untold contains. Courtesy of Screen Crush, who had the inside scoop on a screening, it doesn’t sound too different to an enigmatic Marvel denouement. Beware, there’s spoilers:

The bulk of ‘Dracula Untold’ deals with the titular vampire gaining his powers many years ago in a distant land, but the final scene takes place in modern day and finds Luke Evans’ immortal bloodsucker making his way through a crowded marketplace. The vampire who gave Dracula his powers is seen following him, saying “Let the games begin.” Roll credits.

That’s not a huge amount of content, but then again, you don’t need a lot to tie together movies. Universal’s first official entry into its new universe will be its much-awaited reboot of The Mummy, set for a 2016 release. With a new tacked-on ending for Dracula Untold, the blood-sucking origin tale will now likely serve as an unofficial prequel to this new series of films.

We’ll find out if that’s the case when Dracula Untold opens on October 10th.