The Best Drama Movies On Netflix According to Rotten Tomatoes


This would usually be the time of year when the annual parade of mega budget blockbusters begins to wind down, as the industry shifts the focus from doing big business at the box office to releasing prestige dramas for awards season consideration. Obviously, though, it goes without saying that 2020 has been a year unlike any other, and we’ve only seen three blockbusters hit cinemas in the last six months.

Tenet is doing about as well as can be expected for a $220 million epic released at a time when the theatrical industry is in the early stages of recovery, while the long-delayed New Mutants quickly sank without a trace. Meanwhile, Mulan was released exclusively onto Disney Plus, bombed in China and is now the subject of widespread controversy and a possible federal investigation, so results have been mixed at best.

Netflix have a solid lineup of original dramas arriving over the next few months, including Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 and David Fincher’s Mank, but for those who can’t wait that long, the streaming service already has a wide array of critically acclaimed titles available at the push of a button, and you can check out the five highest-rated movies according to Rotten Tomatoes below.

  • Moonlight – 98%
  • Spotlight – 97%
  • Dolemite Is My Name – 97%
  • The Irishman – 96%
  • Roma – 96%

The Irishman

Awards season is going to be a very different experience this year, and it seems unlikely that Hollywood’s A-listers will be gathering in huge numbers to hand out trophies and celebrate their own achievements. The last six months have pretty much been a write-off as it is, and lavish ceremonies wouldn’t exactly go down too well in the current climate. But at least Netflix subscribers have plenty to choose from when it comes to previous winners and contenders.