Dredd 3D Writer Alex Garland Talks Plans For The Sequel


The Dredd 3D hype train continues to build this week, as the film’s writer Alex Garland, is starting to get ahead of himself by discussing plans for potential sequels. In fact, Garland has been doing a lot of talking lately, both about the film itself and his plans for future entries into the franchise.

In a recent Q&A session via the 2000AD Online forum, Garland spoke about possible directions that they could take the sequel in, should they decide to do one.

Check out what he had to say below.

If I was involved in a second movie, it would be about origins and subversion, and Chopper would feature. In fact, I think Chopper would start and end the story. Apart from him, my rough plan involves Fargo, Giant, Angel Gang, and a version of Satanus. For a trilogy, add Cal and the Dark Judges. And Anderson would be in all three. But… just to be clear, this is hugely speculative and also unlikely, for any number of reasons… There are some variables which would rule me out [of any sequel] immediately.

I think I’d try to make [the Dark Judges] really scary. Not play them for laughs. Just make them totally malevolent and lethal. And use practical effects where possible, except for Fire, which would be an on-set nightmare.

The existential side to the Dark Judges is that they don’t see a point to life. If my film-trilogy daydream was to play out, I would completely rewrite my original script for the Dark Judges – because it was junk – and start again.

If there is a sequel, I’m imagining spending about half the movie in the Cursed Earth, and I would try to come up with some new faces as well as some old ones… I quite like the idea of Satanus. But much more mutated.

But by the way, just so it has been said, I actually think that maybe the best way forward for Dredd is television. American TV has completely rewritten the rule book where filmed drama is concerned. Game Of Thrones/The Wire/Breaking Bad… An equivalent version of Dredd would be fu**ing great. Imagine the epics…

Of course, most of his plans rest on how well Dredd 3D does at the box office. While initial feelings towards the film were not too positive, I think things have changed and as it stands, box office results should be mostly pleasing.

As for what Garland envisions, I like the “origins” direction that he’s thinking of taking, especially some of the characters that he plans to include. What I don’t like though is the television idea. I say that if the story is going to start out on film, then keep it on film.

I really don’t think that Dredd would fare well on television, especially if it goes from film to TV. Why make the move between mediums if the first film succeeds?

What do you think though? Do you want to see Judge Dredd grace the small screen? Are you hoping that we get a sequel?

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  1. Rorshachsays:

    I so hope we get the two sequels to ‘Dredd’ that Alex Garland has mentioned, but it will depend on how well the upcoming film does both at the box-office and home release formats… if it does at least $100m on it’s global theatrical run, a sequel is very likely, any less than that, it’s highly unlikely…

    I personally see ‘Dredd’ doing about $120m worldwide, but not much more than that (for various reasons), in which case, a sequel is a veritable certainty, unfortunately, Alex Garland may not be available to write it as he stated he’s about to start work on another sci-fi project unrelated to ‘Dredd’, he also seems not to want to jump back in to writing/co-producing another ‘Dredd’ film so soon following this one.

    If ‘Dredd’ does well enough to warrant a sequel, it will be interesting to see if DNA Films wait for Garland to return for the sequel or look elsewhere for a screenwriter – maybe Garland will simply write the basic story outline and then hand it off to another screenwriter to pen the screenplay – I sincerely hope Alex returns for both sequels (if they happen), he really understands the world of Judge Dredd, wrote a fantastic script for the new one, and i would be less enthusiastic about any sequels if he wasn’t involved in them, but we’ll see what happens…

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