Drew Barrymore To Direct Young Adult Thriller Called Heist Society

Drew Barrymore will helm a young-adult thriller called Heist Society, she will be both producing and directing. THR broke the news and they report that Barrymore will join the Warner Bros. pic based on the popular novel about a family of cat burglars by author Ally Carter.

Teenager Katarina Bishop, the main character of the story, hasn’t had a normal life. She’s from a long line of cat burglars and master thieves. The more she tries to go legit, the more she gets pulled back into the biz. When her father is accused of stealing a mobster’s art collection, Katarina gets her crew together to find the missing art and steal it back.

Warner won a bidding war last year for the Carter’s novel and has hired Shauna Cross to adapt the book. Katarina’s character will be aged a little for the film adaptation, appearing in her early twenties. Barrymore will also be supervising the script writing, which re-unites her with Cross. The creative duo worked together on Whip It, a fun roller-derby pic that starred Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig, and which was Barrymore’s feature directorial debut.

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