Drew Goddard Still Wants A Cloverfield Sequel

Bloody Disgusting recently spoke to writer Drew Goddard, who penned, among other things, Cloverfield. While making the press rounds for his new film The Cabin In The Woods, Goddard addressed concerns regarding Cloverfield 2 and whether we will eventually see it. When asked whether the film was still a reality, Goddard replied with the following.

I hope so. I mean, I’d like it to. ‘Cloverfield’ was very much a dialogue between J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves and me. And you need those three parts. It’s just been hard because we’ve been busy. None of us wants to make a movie just for the sake of making a sequel. That’s just not interesting to us. I think we all have ideas of what we want to do, and they’re probably all different. But we need to sit down and get it together. I blame Star Trek.

He was then asked whether the sequel would be similar in style to the original. He replied with the following.

I don’t know. If you’d asked me a year ago I would have said absolutely because I thought that was inherent to it. The thing about Cloverfield that was exciting was that it felt different, and we’d need to find whatever that is. We’d make it feel fresh and new, and if you asked each of us how we were going to do it we’d each have a different answer.

I’m in, I’m ready to do it. Someone call J.J. and tell him to get moving, but because Matt and J.J. and I have been fortunate enough to be busy, it’s hard syncing our schedules up. We’re all very passionate about returning to that world.

So basically, Goddard is re-confirming what we all already knew, everyone still wants to do it, it’s just a matter of syncing up schedules.

I have no doubt that Cloverfield 2 will eventually get made, the only question is when? All three filmmakers have increasingly busy slates and it may be a few years until we see this one.

As always though, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

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