Drew Goddard Takes Over Writing The Ending For World War Z

Deadline is reporting that the new ending for World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, will not be written by Damon Lindelof as originally rumored, but by another Lost writer, Drew Goddard.

Lindelof is reportedly behind the idea but did not have time to do the actual writing himself. Instead, Goddard is set to take over, after recently finishing his adaptation of Robopacalypse for Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg.

Adaptation can certainly be a challenge, but Goddard has had a fair amount of success writing in the sci-fi/horror genre, having penned Cloverfield and The Cabin In The Woods. Paramount must be hoping his success with those films will carry over to World War Z.

It is also rumored that the studio will bring in another writer to further bolster this ending if it’s what they decide to use.

World War Z has faced many problems during its production, but hopefully Goddard is able to write an ending worthy of the hype that the movie has received. That being said, when a film faces so many production problems, it’s usually a bad sign. Though anticipation was high at first, it’s looking more and more likely that World War Z will be a dud.