Drew Goddard To Write And Direct Next Spider-Man Movie



Latino Review reports that Sony and Marvel’s forthcoming Spider-Man solo movie has landed a writer and director in the shape of Drew Goddard. Known for his work on meta-horror smash, The Cabin In The Woods, and found footage monster pic, Cloverfield, Goddard’s genre sensibilities caught the attention of Sony last year when he began developing Spidey spinoff, Sinister Six. His excitement for the project saw him exit a key position on Marvel’s Daredevil series to develop the baddie team-up pic, which is now dead in the water.

However, Goddard’s time spent in development on that now-extinct project wasn’t wasted. This new Spider-Man movie will apparently mine core elements from his Sinister Six treatments and use a new series title: Spectacular Spider-Man. It will reportedly revolve around an already-established Spider-Man in high school who is facing a threat from the Sinister Six, essentially wiping out the need for a new origin story. A major part of the movie will include Spidey fighting Iron Man in order to join The Avengers. The studio are expected to be casting a fresh new face for the lead as well, so we can throw out those rumors of Dylan O’Brien or Logan Lerman nabbing the part.

As the site goes on to explain, the current thinking behind this new version of Spider-Man is that the studio will be able to kickstart “multiple trilogies.” The first movie in the first trilogy – which Goddard will write and direct – will wipe the slate clean from all previous rumors. Ideas for an Aunt May and all-female Spider-Man movie have now been exiled to the trash and instead, all efforts will focus on a Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six film brandishing the new Spectacular Spider-Man title.

This news completely clears Sony’s Spider-Man slate, which up until very recently, still had Sinister Six, Venom and the all-female Spidey pic pencilled in. Whether Sony and/or Marvel choose to comment on this development is uncertain, but if there’s a shred of truth to this latest development, we should expect an official press release very soon.

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