‘Dual’ trailer reveals Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul preparing to fight a clone


An eerie trailer for the upcoming comedy sci-fi thriller, Dual, poses an interesting question that many of us have probably considered at one time or another. How could we lessen the burden on our loved ones if we knew our time on earth was ending? For many of us, the answer would be anything.

Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, and Theo James star in the film, seeing Gillian’s character, Sarah, facing an early death and pondering that same question. She decides to clone herself to help ease the pain of her loved ones, but things soon go awry. Sarah isn’t dying — well, not in the way she expected.

Sarah must report that she will be fine, but the company that helped clone her greets her great news with something off-kilter. A duel to death will be taking place a year later. She’s immediately thrown off…duel, to the death?

“Can’t have two of you walking around forever, that would be ridiculous.”

As if the idea of a duel to the death is any less far fetched, but we digress. Sarah soon meets Paul’s character Trent, who encourages her that she must want to live to be able to defeat her clone — and she’ll want to prepare for the battle with everything she’s got.

Sarah’s clone becomes very comfortable in her life and relationships with those closest to her. In fact, her loved ones seem to be caring for the clone just as Sarah initially hoped, but with the change in circumstances, it’s all very uncomfortable.

You can catch Dual starting April 15, and you won’t want to miss this twisted tale.

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