Old Dudes Shoot Big Guns In New Pics From The Expendables 3


Yeah, we’re all really excited about high art and the Cannes Film Festival line-up and everything, but you know what else is cool? Old dudes blowing things up. While no one is more facetious about big budget Hollywood films than than yours truly, I still have affection in my heart for The Expendables franchise. This means that when new images from The Expendables 3 pop up, I just have to talk about them.

These new pics are pretty much what you’d expect from the upcoming sequel, as our original Expendables are back, alongside a bevy of newcomers and some rather old faces as well. The franchise has been workings its way through all the A and B List stars of the 1980s, from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Chuck Norris and back again. In this sequel, aged thespians Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger get armed and dangerous alongside Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes. If you don’t think that’s badass, then this movie is certainly not for you.

While I know that The Expendables 3 will probably not win any awards for cinematography, for screenwriting, or even for competent directing, I honestly do not care. I will happily pay my admission fee to watch all these old guys hang out together and blow things up. I have enjoyed every iteration of this franchise in the spirt in which it is offered, as a big dumb action movie with big dumb action movie stars. Not all movies have to be Cannes-worthy to be enjoyable pieces of entertainment.

But you may, of course, make up your own mind about The Expendables 3. Check out the newest images below and tell me that this film does not look both awesome and stupid.

The Expendables 3 will hit cinemas with everything it’s got on August 15. You know that you’re going to be there. Stop lying.

Source: The Playlist