There Could Be A Dumb And Dumber 3 If Dumb And Dumber To Does Well


It took the better part of two decades for Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels to reunite with the Farrelly brothers for Dumb and Dumber To, the sequel to their 1992 hit Dumb and Dumber. On the eve of the sequel’s wide release, we now have it on good authority that the world could be in for a third film featuring Harry and Lloyd, if this one does well.

At the premiere of Dumb and Dumber To, co-director Peter Farrelly informed Variety (via The Playlist) that there’s a good chance for the franchise to carry on past this latest sequel.

Depending how this does, I could see doing another. I just really enjoy this movie and working with those guys. Yeah, I could see doing it again.

Star Jeff Daniels feels the same way, saying that he loves working with the Farrelly brothers and with Jim Carrey. He went on to remark that “there’s great value in making people laugh 20 years ago and I hope now. And (if) you get to do it again, you get to do it again.”

Of course, the possibilities of another sequel are very dependent on how the new film does – and if Jim Carrey decides to voice his desire to do another one. It’s unlikely that the Farrellys will wait another twenty years before setting up Harry and Lloyd for a third adventure – although the idea of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels running rampant in an old age home has a weirdly intriguing ring to it. I’d also love to know what a third film would be called. Dumb and Dumber The Turd? Perhaps. But we will have to wait and see if Dumb and Dumber To pays off, or if audiences would prefer to keep the incredibly stupid and entertaining original film as an unsullied memory.

Dumb and Dumber To will make a case for a sequel when it comes out on November 14, 2014.

Source: The Playlist