Duncan Jones Explains How He Would Approach A Green Lantern Movie


Green Lantern didn’t get the film that the character deserved in 2011’s woebegone adaptation. Bloated, confused and just plain ugly throughout, it didn’t make many fans happy and failed to find much of an audience in the multiplex. But Hollywood is nothing without second chances, right? With the DC Extended Cinematic Universe now in full swing, we’ll soon see Warner Bros.’ second attempt to bring the superhero to the big screen with the upcoming Green Lantern Corps. movie.

Yesterday found David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes attached to write the screenplay, with reports that the studio is aggressively pushing ahead with it. But the newest comic book origin story, which will focus on both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, is still in early development, meaning there’s still time to right the wrongs made the first time around.

As such, everyone and their mother’s blog has an idea as to how the studio should approach the project, but few of them have the filmmaking experience of Duncan Jones. The Moon/Source Code/Warcraft director took to Twitter this week to offer his thoughts on how the newest DC superhero property should be handled, discussing how he would approach the project and what WB should focus on while they’re still in the very early stages of their newest galactic film.

Whether you agree with him or not, Jones has big ideas, and he seems pretty passionate about them. That said, based on the last Tweet, it doesn’t look like the filmmaker is planning to make a superhero property anytime soon. So it’d be best to put those ideas away for the time being.

Tell us, what do you think WB needs to do to make Green Lantern Corps. a success? Head to the comments section and let us know!