Duncan Jones Will Meet For The Wolverine

Duncan Jones is currently becoming the new go-to director in Hollywood. He’s showing up on a number of shortlists and his new film Source Code has everyone talking. AICN is reporting that Jones has found himself in the mix for another high profile project, The Wolverine, a film that needs a director now that Darren Aronofsky has left. Now while Jones will take the meeting with the studio, apparently he’s not terribly interested in the film and would rather do one of his own projects. He’s just taking the meeting to be polite and to explore his options, which is fair I guess.

Honestly, I’d rather Jones do one of his own projects as well. I really don’t want to see him do a studio film like this. My vote is for him to do something that he wrote. I mean, we all know how well Moon turned out right? Wouldn’t you rather see him do something like that again? Even if it’s not something he wrote, I’d still rather see him do something original rather than take on a franchise. Source Code was brilliant and it was Ben Ripley‘s script, not Duncan’s. So I’d be down to see him take on someone else’s script as well. Just not a film like The Wolverine.

What do you think?