Duncan Jones Planning Mute As His Follow Up To Source Code

With his second feature, Source Code, not yet even released, writer/director Duncan Jones is already planning a third feature, another sci-fi film, called Mute.

Mute will be set in a futuristic, dystopian Berlin, with a vision heavily influenced by Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (as you can tell from the artwork below). The story revolves around a mute bartender who is abducted whilst looking for his girlfriend, with the bad guys being two comedians. Jones said of the project:

There’s a connection with Blade Runner, but I’ve got some ideas that’ll give it its own signature character. It’s set in a future Berlin which may look like a German version of Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, but with a European sensibility…. I’m not sure I’m going to give a particular year because that almost cuts the foundation out of the film’s believability. Rather than having people think, “I don’t think that’ll happen in 50 years or 100 years”, I’m going to say, “This is a possible future…”

Jones was hard at work on Mute before Source Code came about, and planned it to be his follow up to his spectacular debut feature: Moon. Mute and Moon‘s universes would also crossover as Sam Rockwell will reportedly cameo in Mute as his character from Moon, Sam Bell. However due to the low box office reciepts, Jones was unable to go ahead with the grander scope he had in mind for the film. As a result he decided to take on a more commerical project, hence Source Code, before returning to this project. Mute is currently in development and we’ll keep you updated on any more details.

Source Code is due to be released April 15th, 2011