Duncan Jones Waiting To Hear From Legendary About Warcraft 2

2016 was supposed to be the year that Hollywood finally broke the curse of video game adaptations. For too long now, countless filmmakers have tried to adapt their favorite gaming properties to the big screen, only to fail spectacularly each and every time. However, fans were offered hope when both Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed entered development. As we all know, though, neither adaptation managed to impress and we’re still sitting here just hoping that someone will get it right eventually.

When it comes to the latter, Fox has kept quiet on their plans for a sequel, and given the muted reception to the film, we don’t expect them to re-visit the property again. Or at least, not in the near future. When it comes to Warcraft though, there’s been rumblings of a follow-up almost ever since release, even despite the fact that it earned pretty mediocre reviews. Still, it’s hard to overlook the fact that it managed to pull in $433 million at the box office. Sure, it may not be the number that Legendary had hoped for, but it’s certainly big enough that they won’t just ignore it and throw all future plans out the window.

That being said, we still haven’t heard anything from the studio on how they’re going to proceed and with fans eager to learn whether or not they’ll get another outing in Azeroth, director Duncan Jones has taken to Twitter to provide an update. We’ll warn you in advance, though: it’s not sounding too promising.

So, not exactly the update that fans were hoping for then, but it’s good to hear that Jones remains committed to the property. Whether his desire to make a sequel is enough to get the studio to give the go ahead is hard to say, as we imagine that the lukewarm reception to the film has Legendary thinking twice. Not only that, but despite the overall box office figures looking healthy, only $47 million of that total came from domestic sales. That’s severely underwhelming and no doubt a huge reason why the studio is still keeping quiet on sequel plans.

Honestly, we wouldn’t mind seeing a Warcraft 2. The first outing was hardly perfect, but there were some definite signs of promise in there and it laid the groundwork for an interesting story, building a world that had some real potential to develop in exciting ways in future films. Unfortunately, it’s not looking too likely that we’ll ever get to see Jones dive back into Azeroth, but we’ll remain hopeful that perhaps one day, Legendary will find a way to make it work.