Is Duncan Jones Still Working On His Blade Runner Inspired Film?

We haven’t heard much from director Duncan Jones lately. He dazzled us with Moon and then blew us away with Source Code but unfortunately, news on his third film has been hard to come by. When we talked to him last year he mentioned a Blade Runner inspired project that he had in mind but nothing really seemed to come of that.

While many may have assumed that the project was never going to come to fruition, recent words from the director himself lead us to believe that Jones is still interested in doing it and an official announcement may be coming soon.

We caught up with the director on Twitter today and though he couldn’t give a straight answer, his response does make me think that he’s working on his ‘future city’ film which he called “my homage to Blade Runner.”

Earlier today, Jones tweeted the following:

Phew! Can’t say I’m not relieved Uncle Ridley isn’t doing Blade Runner next. Not sure I was ready to go toe to toe with him yet. 🙂

When I asked him if this mean he was still doing his Blade Runner homage film, he replied with this:

Saying nothing fellah. Not that I don’t want to, just can’t yet.

Now, to me, the lack of a direct answer makes me think that he’s still planning on doing it and that it is, perhaps still his next film. If that’s the case, then colour me excited. I loved both Moon and Source Code and would be thrilled to see Jones give us another sci-fi offering, especially if it’s going to be his homage to the classic Ridley Scott film.

What do you think? Does Jones have a Blade Runner homage planned for us?