‘Dune: Part Two’ cinematographer teases a bigger and better sequel

dave bautista dune
Image via Legendary Entertainment

The world is going back to the time of sand, worms, and spice when Dune: Part Two releases in 2023, and while director Denis Villeneuve has said it will be a challenge, his cinematographer just said it will be a big improvement.

“I’ve been trained by the house of the mouse at Lucasfilm not to give you any scoops. But I can tell you that this is a bigger story. I’ve read the script, and I’m more blown away by this script than I was by Part One. I’m more excited.”

Greig Fraser made the comments yesterday evening to Entertainment Weekly at the Oscars while collecting his award for Best Cinematography on 2021’s Dune. The Australian artist has also shot The Batman and Rogue One and said he is still in disbelief he is earning a living working on such incredible films.

“I was sitting in a meeting with Denis and [production designer] Patrice [Vermette] and Paul [Lambert] the other day at Denis’ house talking about this film, and I turned to Denis and said I can’t believe these people pay us to do this. This is ridiculous. They pay us to make these movies which are so exciting and so amazing. I can tell you it’s bigger and better.”

Audiences will get to see if Fraser’s words sync up with reality when the piece comes out in that year’s October. In the meantime, if you have not seen the first with Duncan Idaho (a real character’s name, yes), it is now on HBO Max.