Watch: Dwayne Johnson Dresses Up As Santa For Some Good News


Few would claim that 2020 has been a good year. We’ve dealt with raging wildfires, rising racial tensions, a divisive election, and perhaps most overwhelming of all, the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. But it’s that last point that compelled actor John Krasinski to want to spread a bit of positivity, and he did exactly that by starting a YouTube channel called Some Good News.

Kicking off back in March, it sees the actor as a news reporter sharing viral videos that focus on happy events and people helping one another. It’s known for featuring segments that include various folks that’ve shared the screen with Krasinski on the hit series The Office, as well as a collection of other high-profile celebrities, such as the entire cast of Hamilton, who all appeared over Zoom to perform a song for a young fan of the popular Broadway show.

After a long hiatus following the actor’s decision to sell the series to CBS, he surprised the world by randomly uploading a brand new holiday-themed video this week. In it was a segment (starting at the 11 minute mark) featuring widower and father of two, Jay Abel, who had taken to the internet to sell his entire comics and collectibles collection to provide Christmas gifts for his children.

As expected, Krasinski had other plans and added his friend Dwayne Johnson – dressed up as Santa and dubbing himself “Dwanta Claus” – to the Zoom call to surprise Abel with some good news. Johnson told the fan to remove his comics and collectibles from eBay and promptly asked for the Christmas list of his two children so that he could buy them everything they wanted.

The actor even promised Abel and his kids an opportunity to come visit him on the set of his upcoming DC film Black Adam once COVID-19 restrictions weren’t so intense. Even more, he offered the man a leather-bound copy of the original Black Adam script. That’ll no doubt be the coolest addition to the avid comic fan’s collection.

It’s great to see Krasinski back with Some Good News, and it’s always a pleasure to watch Dwayne Johnson bringing joy to his bevy of supporters around the world. During such a rough year, especially, this kind of holiday cheer is much needed for viewers, so here’s to hoping for more of the show soon.