Dwayne Johnson Promises “Ruthless” And Charming Black Adam In Shazam

Black Adam

After heavily teasing his role in an upcoming DC Comics film, former wrestler turned beloved movie star Dwayne Johnson announced earlier this year that he’d be playing Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie. We still know absolutely nothing about that film, or if it even connects to the larger DC Cinematic Universe, but thanks to Johnson himself, we have a small update on his portrayal of the iconic villain:

Again, Johnson is referring to Black Adam as an anti-hero, which is a distinction he made when he first announced that he’d landed the role. Adam may be Shazam’s arch nemesis, but he’s always been a highly complex character. He once held the mantle that Shazam has, but abused his power and turned to the dark side. He’s also one of the more ruthless villains in the DC Comics library, but doesn’t see himself as a villain.

The fact that Adam will be charming is no surprise, considering that Johnson is the one playing him. In fact, I could easily see the character becoming the Loki of the DC Universe. The Thor character may be one of the main villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he oozes with charm and walks a dangerous, thin line between being evil and mischievous. Loki doesn’t see himself as much of a villain either, so perhaps he and Black Adam are cut from the same cloth.

Of course, that’s just speculation on my part, but considering that a movie star of Johnson’s caliber has landed the role, and that we’ve heard virtually nothing about the title character himself, I’d say that Black Adam is sure to feature heavily in the Shazam film. And, if it does in fact share a connection with movies like Justice League, I have no doubt that we’ll see Adam pop up in other DC movies as well.

Tell us, what do you think of Johnson’s comment? Are you interested in seeing Black Adam as an anti-hero? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Shazam will roar its way into theaters on April 5th, 2019.