Dwayne Johnson goes dark in atmospheric new ‘Black Adam’ images

black adam
Warner Bros.

The DCEU has been placed under the microscope like never before following the cancellation of Batgirl and the continued issues surrounding The Flash lead Ezra Miller, but at least the franchise has the world’s biggest movie star debuting in cinema’s most popular form of storytelling when Black Adam lands in October.

A longtime passion project for Dwayne Johnson, his debut as the comic book antihero has been simmering away in development hell for 15 years already, and he’s champing at the bit to have audiences feast their eyes on Black Adam. Given his solid track record of box office success, we can expect another smash hit from The Rock, as long as the film lives up to the hype.

To continue building that aforementioned buzz, Vanity Fair has done a deep dive on Black Adam’s cast and crew, which came packing a slew of brand new and intensely atmospheric images, which you can see below.

While Johnson has been content to play the same character over and over again, a costumed crimefighter who finds himself more than happy to do away with a no-kill rule is a different sort of challenge. The toughest nut for Black Adam to crack is to ensure that it isn’t simply another standard action epic for the musclebound A-lister, except this time with spandex.

There isn’t long to go until we find out, but the DCEU is in desperate need of a win, so the top brass will be hoping that Black Adam manages to knock it out of the park in just a couple of months when it descends on multiplexes all over the world.