Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Would Destroy The Justice League

Black Adam

Ever wondered what would happen if Black Adam fought the Justice League? I hadn’t, but the answer has been given to us anyway.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is currently preparing to play the character in an upcoming movie scheduled for release on December 21st, 2021. Whether he actually does fight the Justice League remains to be seen, but if it happens, Johnson is convinced that he would win comfortably.

In a new Instagram Live broadcast, the actor gave his opinion on how he thinks the battle would go down, saying the following:

“‘What chance does the Justice League have against an angry Black Adam?’ What’s that term, no chance in hell.” [Laughs]

What chance do the Justice League have? None, apparently. If this is the make of broadcasts to come in a quarantined world, I’m going to have a lot of pieces like this to write. For the people asking him these questions, can you think of something more interesting to say? I’m as excited to see Black Adam as the next man (if the next man wasn’t terribly excited), but let’s ask the hard-hitting questions that someone of his stature deserves. Like whether he’s going to come back for Jumanji 3. That’s the content the public needs to see.

Anyways, leave a comment down below with your own take on what would happen if Black Adam fought the Justice League. Perhaps you disagree with Johnson. Maybe Superman would kick his ass. Maybe. Or, you could leave a comment with your own Dwayne Johnson Q&A suggestions. That’s what I’m going to do.

For instance, what’s it like to have been directed by both Michael Bay and Brett Ratner? Hold on. Dwayne Johnson has been in a movie directed by Stephen Merchant as well? This day gets weirder and weirder. No way Black Adam is going to top that.