Dwayne Johnson Reveals The Hilarious Prank The Red Notice Crew Pulled On Him

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has had nothing if not an interesting life, having spent his childhood moving around the country as his father wrestled professionally, before deciding to go into the family business himself after his dreams of an NFL career went up in smoke. He only spent six years as a full-time grappler, but still managed to ascend to legendary status and become one of the biggest stars the industry had ever seen while still in his 20s.

After making the jump to Hollywood, it took a few years for Johnson to find his feet, but he’s now settled into his role as one of the most popular, bankable and highest-paid talents in the business. His latest movie, Red Notice, wrapped shooting earlier this week, and the 48 year-old took to social media to reveal that the crew of the action blockbuster had a Halloween surprise in store for him when he turned up to the set, as you can see below.

The infamous photo of a young Dwayne Johnson wearing a turtleneck and fanny pack with a handkerchief under his elbow has become the stuff of legend since it first surfaced a couple of years back, with many people having since co-opted it as their Halloween costume of choice, and the Red Notice crew looks to have gone all-out in their efforts.

You can imagine the look on Johnson’s face when he rolled up to see everyone dressed like one of his most bizarre promotional shoots ever from over two decades ago, and it just goes to show the camaraderie between the cast and crew, something that will hopefully translate to the screen when Red Notice hits Netflix at some point next year.