Dwayne Johnson Says There’s A Great Idea For A San Andreas Sequel

San Andreas

After earning $474 million at the box office back in 2015, Brad Peyton’s effects-heavy disaster extravaganza San Andreas holds the unique distinction of being Dwayne Johnson’s highest-grossing live-action movie that isn’t part of either the Fast & Furious or Jumanji franchises, although that’s certain to change with next summer’s Black Adam.

A sequel was announced to be in development in February 2016 with Neil Widener and Gavin James tasked to pen the script, which would reportedly follow Johnson’s Ray Gaines dealing with another cataclysmic incident revolving around the Ring of Fire. However, we’ve heard absolutely nothing from the project since then.

Co-star Alexandra Daddario admitted earlier this year that she didn’t think the next chapter in the San Andreas story would ever happen, but in a recent appearance on SirusXM, leading man and producer Johnson said that there’s a great idea in place if Seven Bucks could work out the scheduling.

“There’s a great idea for San Andreas that we had, I think it’s great. You know the challenge that we’re having honestly is what you guys said, is scheduling.”

San Andreas

Finding the time to make it is always going to be a problem given Johnson’s jam-packed schedule for the foreseeable future, but after half a decade of complete radio silence, it’s nonetheless noteworthy that Johnson has confirmed that plans for a San Andreas sequel aren’t totally dead in the water just yet.