Dwayne Johnson May Be Teasing A Marvel Cinematic Universe Role

Hobbs and Shaw Dwayne Johnson

Next year, Dwayne Johnson may finally begin filming the long-awaited Black Adam movie, which will serve as the Fast and Furious star’s DCEU debut. But in a recent video congratulating the Marvel team on the success of Avengers: Endgame, The Rock just might have hinted at the possibility of also landing a role in the MCU.

Among the many people that Johnson shouted out in his new Instagram post was Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. After giving the president props for Endgame’s huge opening weekend, he offered the following tease of future plans:

“I know our assistants have been trying to get us together for dinner for months now. We’re both super busy boys and I look forward to our schedules linking up.”

From the sound of things, Johnson’s involvement in the MCU is far from a sure thing, but the very fact that he and Feige are hoping to talk business together is already fueling speculation on who the star might play. Marvel Studios News, for instance, has argued that Johnson could make for a great Namor, a character rumored to be making his debut in Marvel’s Phase 4.

Regardless, all we can do for the time being is watch this space, and see if Johnson and Feige’s meetings ever amount to anything. Either way, the actor has chosen a pretty good time to speak to the bosses at Marvel Studios. As Johnson himself said in his Instagram video, Avengers: Endgame has just beaten the all-time record for biggest opening weekend, taking in a total of $1.222 billion.

What’s more, now that Anthony and Joe’s latest work has brought some closure to the arcs of various major characters, the franchise has a few superhero slots left open. Whether or not there’s a role for Johnson remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the star returns to our screens with Hobbs & Shaw on August 2nd.