Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam To Debut In Suicide Squad 2


It’s been years since Dwayne Johnson was announced to have signed up to play anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, and yet we’ve still to see the megastar turn up in the franchise. Originally, the actor was set to play the villainous role in Shazambut it’s since been revealed that this won’t be the case. Instead, a Black Adam solo film is in the works, though it doesn’t seem like that’s being hurried into production.

So, where will he make his debut then? Well, if a new report from The Wrap is to be believed, it might just be in Suicide Squad 2. According to them, the plan is for the sequel to have the titular team “tasked with tracking down a weapon of mass destruction. That weapon? Black Adam himself.”

Warner Bros. has yet to confirm this, mind you, but it’s certainly interesting to consider and would no doubt give the pic a much needed boost, after the original failed to really excite fans and win them over. After all, Hollywood doesn’t call Johnson “franchise viagra” for nothing.

Unfortunately, no further details on Black Adam’s role within the DCEU were made available, and to date, Suicide Squad 2 has been playing its cards close to the vest. The original movie launched in close proximity to Batman V Superman, of course, and even featured a brief cameo from the Caped Crusader himself. But now that Task Force X have cemented their place in the ever-evolving franchise, we’re more inclined to believe that the studio will allow their sequel to stand on its own two feet.

Suicide Squad 2 is expected to go before the cameras at some point in 2018, which would place the anti-hero flick on course for a theatrical release in 2019. Assuming that’s indeed the case, it’ll join Wonder Woman 2 and, presumably, David Sandberg’s Shazam movie.

As for Johnson’s involvement in Task Force X’s next big screen outing, you can file it under the rumor cabinet for now, but The Wrap is usually pretty reliable and we imagine an official announcement will be here shortly. As always, watch this space for more.