Watch: Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Refuses To Believe He’s In Moana


Dwayne Johnson was recently named the highest-paid actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row, solidifying his reputation as arguably the single biggest star in the industry. The 48 year-old is famed for his incredible work ethic, and not content with having Jungle Cruise, Black Adam, Red Notice, a Hobbs & Shaw sequel, another Jumanji and Netflix’s comic book adaptation Ball & Chain all in various stages of development, he also somehow finds the time to host NBC’s The Titan Games and even purchased recently-folded football league the XFL for good measure.

Quite how he manages to get all of that done without passing out from exhaustion is anybody’s guess, but one thing he doesn’t seem able to do is convince his young daughter that he was the voice of Maui in Disney’s animated smash hit Moana. Like virtually every child of the same age, Johnson’s kid is obsessed with all things Disney, and ironically one of her favorite songs is “You’re Welcome,” the signature tune of none other than her father.

However, in a recent social media post, the actor hilariously revealed that no matter how hard he tries to convince her otherwise, she still refuses to believe that her old man provided the voice of the demigod, even when he’s singing the song right next to her, as you can see below.

It seems a little ironic that Moana is one of the very few of his movies that Dwayne Johnson can actually show his youngest kids, with his bread and butter typically being blockbuster action fare, and yet they still refuse to believe that he provided the voice of one of their favorite characters no matter how many times they’ve seen it or how hard he tries to convince them otherwise.