Early Eternals Reaction Says The Movie Is Terrible


No franchise in the history of cinema has made more money at the box office than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the shared superhero saga also boasts an unrivaled track record of critical adulation. Even though the series is 25 movies in, none of them have ever been deemed worthy of less than a 66% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Based on all the footage we’ve seen so far, Eternals is shaping up to be no different. In fact, there are even hopes it could go down in the history books as one of the MCU’s best ever. However, WorldofReel aren’t particularly enthused, and having seen the film at an early press screening, the outlet didn’t hold back.

As you can see below, the site’s Jordan Ruimy absolutely blasted the intergalactic epic for how bad it was, so it’ll be interesting to see how many other critics share what’s sure to be a controversial opinion.

“A certain upcoming Marvel movie was screened for press this morning. There is currently an embargo on this film, which is directed by a recent Oscar winner and is a whopping 157 minutes in length. I had the misfortune of attending said press screening. I am no MCU fanatic, and not at all part of the targeted demographic for this one, but I’ve liked quite a few Marvel movies over the years. This one, well, it didn’t work at all for me. It’s a stinker. Then again, I’d be shocked if critics weren’t, at the very least, polite in their reviews for this one, for a variety of reasons. I just can’t see them bashing it, no matter how bad it may be. And, trust me, it is bad.”

The red carpet premiere of Eternals only wrapped up a couple of hours ago, so we can expect more reactions to make their way online in the very near future. Typically, most folks fall over themselves to praise anything and everything that Kevin Feige’s outfit are putting out there, but that might not be the case with the franchise’s latest.