Early Reactions To The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Are Surprisingly Mixed


UPDATE: The first full review has now emerged. You can check it out here.

Sony has been absolutely bombarding us with marketing material for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. From clips to trailers to TV spots and everything in between, the studio is doing everything they can to make sure that we’re all ready for Spidey’s next adventure.

The film opens in the US on May 2nd but will be arriving in the UK a bit earlier, on April 16th. Since critics across the pond are only a week or so away from seeing the film, Sony has begun screening it and today, some early reactions have hit the web. For the most part, they’re pretty positive, with the majority of people gushing over the movie. There are, however, a few less than enthusiastic Tweets. It’s obviously impossible to please everyone but I’m still surprised by some of the more negative comments.

That being said, it’s mostly all praise for Marc Webb’s second outing with the webslinger and considering that I didn’t fall in love with the first film like most people did, I’m definitely excited to hear that the sequel is an improvement.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in the UK on April 16th and in the US on May 2nd. Check out the Tweets below and see what people are saying about the much-anticipated film.