Early Reports Cast Doubt Over Warner Bros.’ High-Profile Tarzan Reboot


In the wake of Pan flopping quite spectacularly at last weekend’s box office, Warner Bros. has been left licking its wounds as forecasts estimate that the high-profile Peter Pan origin tale could cost the studio anywhere up to $150 million. Now, according to findings presented by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner may have another potential turkey on its hands in David Yates’ equally high-profile reboot, Tarzan.

Set to enter post-production imminently, the studio’s fantasy flick is now lumbered with fighting against all the odds. Not only is Yates primed to part with the project to head up Harry Potter offshoot Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but THR says sources close to WB revealed that early test screenings produced overly negative responses, with those that laid eyes on the rough copy claiming that the feature now needs “considerable work” if it is to meet its original release date of July, 2016.

Mind you, it’s worth noting that such underwhelming responses are not uncommon at this stage of the production, and considering that Warner Bros.’ Tarzan likely needs extensive CG work prior to launch, we would take these comments with a pinch of salt.

What really casts a lingering shadow of doubt over the film is the fact that, for the next 8-12 months, Yates will be juggling two tentpole blockbusters, both considered to be franchise starters for WB. In terms of Tarzan, there’s also the small matter of the production’s hefty price tag, which purportedly weighs in at $180 million.

Currently, Tarzan has been pegged for a release on July 1, 2016. But if The Hollywood Reporter’s expose holds even a fraction of truth, we’re betting that Warner will postpone Yates’ fantasy flick until further notice.