Early Reviews For The Hateful Eight Paint Quentin Tarantino’s Latest As A Hit


They are by no means comprehensive, but the first wave of Twitter reviews are beginning to appear online for The Hateful Eight. By and large, those who caught the western ensemble ahead of time have expressed a sense of unanimous praise for Quentin Tarantino’s latest – at least, as much as you can squeeze into 140 characters or less.

Championing the script, rich settings and, in particular, Samuel L. Jackson’s turn as the dastardly Major Marquis Warren, this vertical slice is overly positive in their critique of Tarantino’s latest romp.

How and ever, bear in mind that these bite-sized reviews have broken an embargo, so it’s likely that general opinion is skewed in favor of The Hateful Eight. Breaking a non-disclosure agreement and publishing a review ahead of time is one thing, but doing so in a way that negatively berates the movie in question is whole different kettle of fish. With that in mind, take the following snippets with a grain of Wyoming salt.


Set for a roadshow release in select theaters on Christmas Day, The Hateful Eight centers on the titular ragtag crew of bounty hunters who are forced to huddle under the same roof when a seemingly relentless blizzard comes barreling down off the Wyoming mountains. On paper, it’s a Tarantino classic through and through, but we’ll hedge our bets until the film’s theatrical release on January 8.