Early Screening Of Fantastic Four Reveals Positive Reviews


An early screening of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot has revealed some surprising reactions to the film as well as a few new details about what we can expect.

The reboot of the franchise was greeted with criticism long before any footage had even been released. From the casting decisions to the changes to Doctor Doom, fans were convinced that the film wasn’t going to be a success. However, opinions have already started surfacing and those who’ve seen Fantastic Four seem to be pretty happy with it, with some people even going as far as to call it the “surprise of the Summer.”

As for the new details, early reviews have stated that the titular team gets their classic blue costumes in the film. It was also noted that Doctor Doom will also be donning two different outfits and is definitely a formidable first villain.

Fantastic Four opens on August 7th. Tell us, will be you lining up to catch it in theatres, or are you still skeptical? Sound off below!