Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Blast Off Into Space In New Avengers: Endgame TV Spot


Over the weekend, a new Avengers: Endgame TV spot surfaced online that offered a somewhat blurry glimpse of next week’s Phase 3 finale. But if you’d rather the preview hadn’t been a low-res video boxed into an Instagram screen ratio, a much better version of the same promo has now been made available.

Thanks to the enhanced quality, we can get a clearer look at Captain Marvel rocking her new outfit, as well as Rocket’s exchange on the Benatar with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As you can see above, the Guardians of the Galaxy star is piloting the ship, with Carol Danvers in the co-pilot’s chair. Sitting behind them are Black Widow, James Rhodes, Thor and Captain America, who are all strapped in for their next adventure. When Rocket asks the team, “Who hasn’t been to space?” Nat, Rhodey and Steve all put up their hands, to which the raccoon responds, “You better not throw up on my ship.”

While we’re only 11 days away from getting the full context to this scene, a clip released last week seems to hint that the heroes might be journeying to a distant planet to track down Thanos and steal his Infinity Gauntlet. If so, then the fact that this is a 3-hour movie suggests that their mission probably won’t go quite as smoothly as they hope.

Meanwhile, you also have to wonder why the film’s various other heroes aren’t joining the gang on their trip. Is Ant-Man still stuck in the Quantum Realm? Has Hawkeye gone rogue? Is Bruce Banner still having difficulty transforming? The answers to these and many more questions will come when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.