Ed Helms To Make Epic Fail For Lionsgate


The only time the words Epic Fail could be considered a good thing for a movie production company, is when they are accompanied by the disclaimer that it is actually an Ed Helms movie. The actor – beloved for his giggle-inducing turns in The Office and The Hangover franchise – helped to develop the original idea for the action comedy, and will also star in it.

Detailing the exploits of a somewhat unusual Special Forces team, the film follows the group as they play to their strengths – excessive dysfunction and firepower – to save America, under the leadership of “the only soldier more badass and moustachioed than a Navy SEAL: The Walrus.”

Nicky Weinstock from Invention Films will produce, with colleague Whitney Thomas as Executive Producer. They will work alongside Ed Helms and Michael Falbo of Pacific Electric Picture Company – launched by Helms in 2013 – with Erik Feig, Matthew Janzen and James Myers of Lionsgate overseeing proceedings.

The script for Epic Fail will be penned by Mike Arnold (Archer) and Chris Poole. Though so far untested on the big screen, this writing team has a number of feature films currently in development, including the Black Listed project The Grackle, which has Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) attached to direct.

Epic Fail is the latest addition to an already crammed slate for Ed Helms. He has a vast array of projects at various stages of development, including the remake of the 1988 comedy Police Squad! which will see him play the iconic role of Detective Frank Drebin. That film is written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, who previously wrote the successful Night At The Museum franchise.

With further scheduling and casting decisions yet to be made, Epic Fail is certainly one to watch. Under the right director, and with the right mix of performers, this premise looks to have the potential to be a hilarious addition to the buddy-ensemble comedy genre, not unlike the wildly successful Tropic Thunder, back in 2008.

Source: Deadline