Ed Helms To Star In True North

Warner Bros. has big plans for Ed Helms. The studio has acquired a comedy pitch script meant as a starring vehicle for the lovable-but-anal-geek style comedic actor. According to Deadline, the comedy/drama True North will star Helms as a pompous travel show host.

The spec script is meant to make Helms a star; except, he kind of already is. Coming off the huge success of both The Hangover and The Hangover 2, Helms is quickly becoming a recognizable name. Not to mention the smaller-budget films he’s starred in, like the recent endearing comedy Cedar Rapids.

Helms will play a self-absorbed and pompous travel show host who’s obsessed with his career. His pursuit of fame has alienated his family and friends. When his plane goes down somewhere over India, he falls into a coma for two years. When he wakes up, he learns that everyone back home thinks he’s dead, and major facial reconstruction gives him the chance to return home and prove to his family that he’s a changed man.

Helms usually plays the same kind of character, much like the one he’s played on The Office for so many years. His style is usually the geeky/uptight guy who finally lets loose. This role does sound a little different, though True North is still a comedy/drama. I’m interested in seeing how Helms deals with the more dramatic moments of the film, and if he can carry them off.

The film pitch has been acquired from scribe Rob Pearlstein, and will be produced by Kim Roth, Erin Fredman and Anna Culp of Imagine Entertainment. Helms will also executive produce the film project.

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