Eddie Marsan And Martin Freeman Added To Edgar Wright’s The World’s End

Good news, folks. The cast for Edgar Wright‘s latest action/comedy The World’s End has added two cast members in the form of Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) and Eddie Marsan (Snow White and the Huntsman). The two will join Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, marking this the third time Pegg and Frost have worked together. Their previous works include Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

Along with the addition of the two new cast members, Focus Features also announced today that filming has begun in the U.K. As with the first two movies in the trilogy, Universal Pictures International will distribute The World’s End internationally and Focus Features will distribute it in North America.

In terms of other casting, Rosamund Pike is also attached to star in the film as a love interest for Pegg’s character. Additionally, British actor Paddy Considine joined the film earlier this month. He’ll be playing a a former ladies man and musician who has grown up to be a divorced architect.

I’ve loved the work that Wright, Pegg and Frost have done on Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, so I’m more than excited for this project. How about you guys? Excited to see the trio working on another new film together?

The World’s End will be out sometime in 2013.