Will Eddie Murphy Host The Oscars? (Please No)

After last year’s nearly fatal Academy Awards, with hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco, one would think that this year’s Oscars wouldn’t take any risks. Perhaps choose, an older, popular host, like Billy Crystal. Or maybe even a charismatic, beloved actor, Hugh Jackman-style. Nope, apparently that’s not in the cards.

Deadline is reporting that Brett Ratner, who is producing the upcoming 84th Academy Awards, is hooked on one man to do the job, and the man in question is Eddie Murphy.

Murphy is starring in Ratner’s upcoming film, Tower Heist, and it seems as if the two have made quite a bond. The former Saturday Night Live castmember’s other recent films include Shrek Forever After, Imagine That, and Meet Dave.

Eddie Murphy is funny of course, but does he have enough universal appeal to host the Oscars well? Probably not. And although he was hilarious back when he was on SNL, he hasn’t done much in the works of successful comedy since then. Lastly, with his recent film choices, I don’t feel like Murphy really deserves to host the Oscars. At least Hathaway and Franco had a reason to be there last year, with Love and Other Drugs and 127 Hours.

Obviously, this isn’t any kind of confirmation that Murphy will host the Oscars, but it does seem more than possible. I would rather have no host at all with more celebrities presenting awards than have Eddie Murphy host.

What do you think?