Eddie Murphy May Return To Stand-Up With $70 Million Netflix Deal

Eddie Murphy

Don’t call it a comeback!

Eddie Murphy is reportedly in talks with Netflix to grace the stage for the first time in decades. The streaming service is reportedly offering the legendary comedian somewhere in the ballpark of $70 million to perform a stand-up special or two. While Murphy isn’t exactly hurting for money, it’s hard for anyone to turn down that kind of dough. An event like this could be exactly what the notorious funnyman needs to accelerate his upcoming return to Hollywood, too.

The 58-year-old was once the most hilarious man in the world. His comedy specials Raw and Delirious are often heralded as some of the funniest stand-ups of all-time. Murphy’s film career was just as iconic as well, headlined by movies like Coming to AmericaTrading PlacesThe Nutty ProfessorDr. DoolittleNorbitDaddy Day Care, Dreamgirls, the Shrek franchise and more.

Since then, however, the actor has failed to recapture the same box office success. In recent years, he’s become more of a recluse. He’s only starred in one movie in the past six years and appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be retired from public life.

Eddie Murphy

Now, however, Murphy is finally ready to launch his big comeback. The comedian is set to star in Dolemite Is My Name! for Netflix later this year, as well as reprising his hilarious role in the long-awaited Coming to America 2 some time in 2020. He’s hinted at a return to stand-up over the years as well and $70 million might finally be enough to push him over the edge.

Netflix has handed out hefty sums to stars for comedy specials before, but none this big. Dave Chappelle locked down $20 million each for his routines, while fellow Saturday Night Live alum Chris Rock made $40 million for a two-show deal. This, however, would easily shatter both of those totals. The payout would be well-deserving, of course, given Eddie Murphy‘s illustrious career and decades away from the stage.

Let’s hope Netflix can find a way to get the beloved superstar back in the spotlight. If he’s even half as funny as he was back in the day, then longtime fans and a whole new generation of comedy lovers will get to witness  a spectacle unlike any other.