Edgar Ramirez To Replace Gerard Butler In Point Break Remake


After Gerard Butler departed the Point Break remake, I was kind of hoping that the whole thing would just fall apart and cease to exist. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Alcon Entertainment is still moving forward with the project, despite the fact that no one really wants it.

Variety is reporting today that the studio is in talks with Edgar Ramirez to replace Butler in the role of Bodhi, which Patrick Swayze played in the 1991 original. If he signs on, Ramirez will star alongside Luke Bracey and Ray Winstone in the Ericson Core-directed film. With a script by Kurt Wimmer (Total RecallSalt), the prospects of this one turning out well aren’t exactly high.

Swapping out the surfing backdrop for that of extreme sports, the Point Break remake will tell a similar story to its predecessor, as it will follow an FBI agent who attempts to infiltrate a ring of criminals. Sounds pretty close to the original, just with the different backdrop.

Again, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not on board at all with this project. Edgar Ramirez is a talented individual, for sure, but not even he can’t save what I think will be a bland and uninspired rehash of what was a truly great film. Maybe I’ll be wrong, who knows? For now though, I’m definitely not looking forward to this one.

Tell us, are you on board with the Point Break remake? If so, what do you think of Edgar Ramirez replacing Gerard Butler? Sound off below!

Source: Variety