Edgar Ramirez Talks About Portraying Bodhi In The Upcoming Point Break Remake


Though I don’t think that anyone is terribly excited for Alcon’s upcoming Point Break remake, one promising aspect of it is actor Edgar Ramirez, who will be playing the role of Bodhi, which Patrick Swayze originated in the 1991 version. Recently, while discussing his role as a demon-hunting priest in the upcoming horror thriller Deliver Us From Evil, Ramirez talked a little about his goals in playing the character:

“Well, I’m working on it. It’s very difficult to anticipate what things are going to turn out to be. I’m very organic as an actor so I’m letting the character grow out of me. The only similarity that I can tell you so far is it’s that subversive spirit, that rebellious spirit, that anti-system spirit that is what really the whole story is about. The structure is similar but the story is different. But we want to keep the spirit from the first one.”

We already knew that the upcoming Point Break remake had no interest in following the plot of Kathryn Bigelow’s original, so Ramirez’s comments that the movie will keep the first Point Break‘s spirit aren’t unexpected. After all, it needs to have some connection to the 1991 version other than a title.

Teresa Palmer, known for her work in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Warm Bodies, recently snagged the lead female role in the film, joining Ramirez and G.I. Joe: Retaliation actor Luke Bracey (who is playing the part of FBI Agent Johnny Utah, which Keanu Reeves originated). Ray Winstone has also reportedly climbed on board to portray FBI Agent Angelo Pappas, a supporting character played by Gary Busey in the original. That’s a decent set of actors, and though I wish Point Break wasn’t happening, at least there’s a chance it will include some strong performances.

Point Break will start shooting on June 26th and hits theaters on August 7th, 2015.