Is Edgar Wright’s The World’s End A Zombie Musical?

Ever since the good old days when Michael Jackson was beloved by all and music videos hadn’t been 13-minute long short films until Thriller shocked the world over, dancing zombies have been the epitome of cool. Well, we think so, anyway.

So the recent rumors that The World’s End – which is set to be the third and final film in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg‘s Blood and Ice Cream trilogy – has both dancing and zombies in it (together, hopefully) is something to be excited about. These reports stem from a couple of tweets that were made by various cast members:

“1st day filming The World’s End. Suitably heading for Zone 8….Have no idea what I’ll be asked to do but everyone else learning dance routine. Exciting.”

“Just had a wardrobe fitting for The World’s End #dancingzombie #simonpegg” Just waiting to hear where and what time this zombie is required on set…All geared up to be a dancing zombie. Filming the World’s End this week #cornetto”

The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, which started with Shaun of the Dead, continued with Hot Fuzz, and will finish with The World’s End, has emerged a critical and commercial darling thus far. And for anybody who thinks that Edgar Wright is remaking the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, shame on you. Shame.

The World’s End is supposedly about the apocalypse and actually has nothing to do with pirates, though actual plot details remain annoying vague.

The film is set to star Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Rosamund Pike. Currently its release date is slated for August 14th 2013.

What do you think? Ready for another round of dancing zombies?

Source: Total Film

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