Edina And Patsy Live The High Life Once More In First Absolutely Fabulous Image


Edina and Patsy have announced their return in typically stylish fashion today, with Fox Searchlight unveiling the first official image for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie that reunites Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley following their days on the hit BBC comedy.

Long rumored but never actually conceived until now, Mandie Fletcher will return to helm the big-screen adaptation after directing several episodes of the original TV series. What really has fines pining for more, though, is the fact that the studio has welcomed back a number of cast members from Absolutely Fabulous, including Julia Sawalha as Edina’s daughter Saffy, Jane Horrocks as Eddy’s personal assistant Bubble, and June Whitfield.

In terms of plotline, the hapless pair will find inadvertently themselves embroiled in a media circus when a “major incident” kicks off at a high-end London nightclub. Ever the ones to make light of a bad situation, Edina and Patsy soon devise a plan that would see them uproot and make a life for themselves in the famed French Riviera. For the official rundown of Fletcher’s big-screen feature, here’s the logline from the studio.

Appropriate for their big screen debut, Edina and Patsy are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to; shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London’s trendiest hotspots. Blamed for a major incident at an uber fashionable launch party, they become entangled in a media storm and are relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi. Fleeing penniless to the glamorous playground of the super-rich, the French Riviera, they hatch a plan to make their escape permanent and live the high life forever more!

Filming is due to get underway in the United Kingdom first and foremost, before the production shifts gears and heads to southern France. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is on course to release at some point in 2016.