Eerie Thriller Veronica’s Room Gains The Wolverine Scribe Mark Bomback


2014 has been an unexpectedly strong year for the work of late author Ira Levin. In addition to NBC’s planned miniseries adaptation of his iconic chiller Rosemary’s Baby, which will star Zoe Saldana and hew much more closely to Levin’s novel than the Roman Polanski film, TWC-Dimension is steadily moving forward with an adaptation of his creepy play Veronica’s Room, which now has The Wolverine writer Mark Bomback on board to pen the script.

In Veronica’s Room, college students Susan and Larry are drawn to a creepy New England mansion, where Susan is told that she bears a striking resemblance to the sole inhabitant’s long-dead sister. When the pair are asked by the caretakers to stay with the inhabitant, an old woman suffering from dementia, until she passes away, they reluctantly agree. However, the seemingly merciful errand takes a dark turn as Susan and Larry find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of guilt, sacrifice and murder.

Bomback has been all over the map in terms of his previous work, but many of his scripts have been met with huge success. His credits include Race to Witch MountainUnstoppable, Total Recall, the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and a rewrite on Fifty Shades of Grey.

In an official statement, TWC co-chairman Bob Weinstein said:

“Mark coming on board is huge for this project… He shares the same passion for Ira’s play that I do, and together we hope to make something very sinister and special.”

Producer Daniel Dubiecki added that, “Mark’s immense talent and his passion for Ira’s work is a perfect match to honor and elevate one of Ira’s most psychologically thrilling stories.”

For his part, Bomback said, “I’ve been a massive fan of the brilliant Ira Levin for as long as I can remember, and it’s a true privilege to adapt this creepy gem of a story.”

Though I’m unfamiliar with Veronica’s Room, Bomback has proven that he has a great flair for building tension throughout his career, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the screenwriter’s first real psychological thriller.

Tell us, based on that plot overview, are you interested in checking into Veronica’s Room?

Source: THR