The Parr Family Leaps Into Action In New Incredibles 2 Trailer


14 years after the original movie arrived, Pixar and Disney are finally serving up Incredibles 2, the long-awaited sequel to Brad Bird’s animated superhero classic.

To keep things fresh, the follow-up will swap the roles of Bob and Helen Parr from the first film. While Helen (Holly Hunter) gets to return to hero duty as Elastigirl, Bob (Craig T. Nelson) has to hang up his Mr. Incredible suit for a while and play house-husband – which mostly involves looking after his frighteningly-powered baby, Jack-Jack.

Now, to build anticipation ahead of release, Pixar’s debuted a new international trailer (above) as well as an amusing promo focused entirely on Dash. While it doesn’t give us much to feast on, the former video is actually pretty meaty – though it’s not in English. True, a bunch of the footage included is stuff we’ve already seen, but there’s more than a few new shots to be found here, including some cool stuff from the family’s big battle with The Underminer.

As far as plot details go, like we said above, we know that much of the film will see Mr. Incredible and the kids remain at home while Elastigirl will be back in action, decked out in her new costume and motorcycle. This revamped look for the character comes from Winston and Evelyn Deavor, brother and sister PR gurus who want to help get supers made legal again and hope that using Helen Parr as their poster-woman will do that. Meanwhile, there’s also a new supervillain plaguing Metroville – the mysterious Screenslaver.

All things considered, Incredibles 2 is shaping up to be another delightful addition to Pixar’s library that should have no trouble recapturing the magic that was found in its predecessor. And with its June 15th release date quickly approaching, we should start seeing more from it in no time at all. Stay tuned!