Electrifying New TV Spot For Logan Debuts During Super Bowl


As expected, 20th Century Fox took the chance to show off James Mangold’s Logan during tonight’s Super Bowl, giving us yet another look at the threequel. It follows hot on the heels of the promo that the studio dropped earlier for A Cure for Wellness and it’s equally as exciting, teasing what looks to be an electrifying final outing for Hugh Jackman as the titular hero.

Though quite brief in length (which is to be expected, given how damn expensive it is to advertise during the Super Bowl), the wordless promo gives us another look at the somber, moody tone of Logan as “Amazing Grace” plays in the background. It isn’t long though before the action kicks in and we see the young X-23, along with Wolvie, taking on a whole host of enemies – with the latter looking pretty badly beaten at one point.

Along with quick glimpses of Caliban, Professor X, Donald Pierce and several other characters, it paints an intriguing picture of what’s to come next month. Falling in line with previous trailers, it adopts the less is more approach and honestly, that’s quite alright with us. We’d rather there be some surprises in store when the film hits theaters and though Fox’s marketing campaign for Logan has certainly been a bit unorthodox (remember all those black and white photos from months back?), it’s only made things that much more exciting. In our opinion, at least.

With the threequel set to drop on March 3rd, we can probably expect a few more TV spots to arrive before we finally get the full thing. Until then, though, give this new Logan promo a watch up above and drop us a comment letting us know what you’re hoping to see in the film!