Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Gets A Bloody First Image

Despite not directing a feature since Hostel: Part II in 2007, Eli Roth has been a very busy man recently. The modern master of horror has produced and/or written The Last Exorcism Part II, Clown, Aftershock, and The Man With The Iron Fists. Throw in his work on Vegas attraction Goretorium and the new Netflix original series Hemlock Grove and that’s quite a full plate.

Roth fans will be happy to know that in addition to all those projects he’s back behind the camera for another feature, The Green Inferno. Today we have the first image from the film, and it’s about as bloody as a picture gets. The actress in the middle of the image is Kirby Bliss Blanton. While there’s no indication what that blood is from, the thought that it’s likely from one of her dead companions is all the more chilling.

Roth also provided the first official synopsis for the film. Check that out below.

A group of student activists from New York City travel to the Amazon to protect a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they saved.

Although it doesn’t explicitly say the natives are cannibals, I don’t think that assumption is too much of a stretch, especially considering what has been rumoured about the film and the look of this first image.

Roth shot the film in the depths of the Amazon and used the natives he found there as extras. He recruited the natives by showing them the cult-classic Cannibal Holocaust, which was the first movie many of them had seen. Some people have questioned the ethics of using a whole village of natives as extras, but in an interview with Movie Line Roth countered cries of exploitation by explaining that in exchange for their help with the film the crew gave the village medicine, school supplies, and a motorboat.

Personally, I think filming in the Amazon will give an excellent authenticity to the film. I’m very excited that Roth is directing again, and this has the potential to rival the greatest gore-tastic cannibal films we’ve seen. Just be sure not to eat any meat before heading to the theater.

The rest of the cast includes Lorenza Izzo and Ariel Levy from Roth’s earthquake horror thriller Aftershock and Daryl Sabara. In addition to directing, Roth co-wrote the script with Aftershock co-writer Guillermo Amoedo.

What do you think of this image from The Green Inferno? What about Roth’s decision to film in the Amazon? Head down to the comments section and share your thoughts.