Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Delayed Indefinitely



In an extremely unfortunate turn of events we didn’t expect to see, Eli Roth’s highly anticipated The Green Inferno, the horror helmer’s first directorial effort in six years, has been unceremoniously dumped from its previously planned September 5th release date. Now, it appears that the film may not hit theaters in the near future, if ever.

The reason for the change of plans appears to be some disagreements behind the scenes. Open Road Films apparently scratched the release date after financier Worldview Entertainment, refused to adhere to the P&A (aka “print and advertising”) commitment that was set by ex-CEO Christopher Woodrow, whose departure was as sudden as it was shrouded in secrecy. Ever since Woodrow exited, Worldview has scrutinized every deal he made, likely in light of uncovering some shady dealings the ex-CEO was involved in.

As thoroughly depressing as this news is, there’s a very strong likelihood that we’ll still eventually see The Green Inferno. As per Deadline, the company “doesn’t intend to leave Roth high and dry, and behind the scenes talks are going on to try and figure this out.” A straight-to-VOD route, or some other less-costly release plan, is also a possibility. And if Worldview can’t figure something out, Roth’s fanbase has such a clear appetite for his disgusting dishes that some other distributor will likely bite.

For now, though, Roth’s film, which centers on a group of well-intentioned college slacktivists who fly to the rainforest in hopes of saving a threatened indigenous tribe, only to crash-land and wind up captured by the very society they were attempting to rescue, d0es not have a release date. And that’s a damn shame, given how terrific a reception The Green Inferno received at TIFF’s Midnight Madness screening and last week’s Fantasia fest. Its 77% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes is none too shabby either.

Source: Collider

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