Elijah Wood Is A Late Bloomer

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has found his next project in the form of The Late Bloomer.

In the upcoming romantic comedy, based on Ken Baker’s 2001 memoir “Man Made: A Memoir of My Body”, Wood plays a nearly 30-year-old man “whose body goes through many changes over the course of several overwhelming weeks after discovering he hadn’t totally undergone puberty due to a medical condition.”

Wood will team up once again with his Wilfred director Randall Einhorn, who’ll be helming the film. That’s music to my ears as I love FX’s quirky comedy and this story seems like it could be perfect material for the duo.

Einhorn released a statement about the upcoming film, saying that:

“‘The Late Bloomer’ is the type of wonderful heartfelt comedy that I like to engage in. Puberty can be difficult at best and has the potential to be extremely comedic in normal circumstances. This true story is anything but a normal circumstance. That truth is a new twist on something we all know well and Elijah is just perfect to play the lead role. It is clear to me that Dignity gets my vision for ‘The Late Bloomer’ and I am delighted to be working with [executive producer] Maggie [Monteith] and her team.”

Production is scheduled to begin in January 2013 with Eclectic Pictures, Coup d’Etat Films, and Ineffable Pictures producing.

As for Elijah Wood, he will next be seen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and he’ll also star in the horror film Maniac, which is still without a release date.

Source: Variety