Elisabeth Moss Signs On For Dan Rather Scandal Drama, Truth

elisabeth moss

elisabeth moss

It seems like only a moment ago that Elisabeth Moss first graced our screens as Don Draper’s astute and quirksome secretary Peggy Olson. With Mad Men set to air its final episodes next April, the actress has begun to fill her slate with movies, and the most recent addition to that overflowing schedule is real life drama, Truth.

With a title like Truth, can we expect it to be any other than a scandalous tale? No – it’s based around the aftermath of Dan Rather’s reporting on 60 Minutes II. The film will follow what happened when the anchor revealed to viewers that George W. Bush had been granted special treatment to avoid the Vietnam draft, which saw him offered a slot in the Texas Air National Guard. Dropping such a bomb caused major waves for Rather, and one of his producers, Mary Mapes, who was duly fired.

What’s a little unexpected is who’s slated to direct. It’s none other than James Vanderbilt, most well-known for scripting The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. He’ll be making his directing debut on the feature, and I’m looking forward to seeing his approach to such an impressive cast.

The true story has already landed two major acting talents in the shape of Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett. Redford, keen to get back to true grit after his superhero antics in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will play Rather. Blanchett is on board to play Mapes. Where does Moss fit in? The actress will be playing Lucy Scott, a CBS journalist who was enlisted by Mapes during the scandal.

Aside from her Peggy Olson persona, Moss turned in an absolutely stellar performance in Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake earlier this year, as well as bagging rave reviews for The One I Love. I’ve always had an affinity towards Moss, ever since I saw her in Girl, Interrupted way back in 1999. She’s an actor I’ll watch in anything – or should I say, who makes me watch anything – because she’s so damn captivating.

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Source: Deadline