Elise Neal Joins The Cast Of The Wolverine 3 In Yet Another Mystery Role


The cast of The Wolverine 3 is unique to say the least, and 20th Century Fox has so far added a mixture of recognizable names like Stephen Merchant (The Office) and Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) with lesser known faces like Eriq la Salle. All the while the studio has decided against revealing who these actors are playing, and now another mysterious addition has been made: Elise Neal, an actress best known for roles in the likes of The Hughleys and Scream 2.

There’s no mention of who she’s playing and we simply don’t know enough about the movie to make any decent guesses. However, it was recently rumoured that we’ll see X-23 in the movie, and while the actress is a little too old to play that teenage character, perhaps she has something to do with her creation in the film?

So far, the only confirmed cast members in The Wolverine 3 are Hugh Jackman (making his final appearance as the clawed mutant) and Patrick Stewart as Professor X. The movie is being directed by James Mangold and was written by Michael Green and David James Kelly. Currently set to be released on March 3rd, 2017, it may be some time before we find out more about who all these actors are playing, but as always, feel free to comment down below and start speculating.