Elizabeth Banks Takes The Walk Of Shame In Red Band Trailer


Everyone knows the walk of shame, but it’s safe to say that most are not nearly as painful and comical as Elizabeth Banks’s in the new trailer for her upcoming comedy Walk of Shame. With the film’s early May release date right around the corner, Focus Features is upping its marketing campaign with a new red band trailer.

I wasn’t too impressed by the tamer trailer that dropped back in January, and though this new preview is certainly raunchier, it still doesn’t have me convinced that Walk of Shame will be anything special, despite its exceptional cast.

Check it out below:

Other than Banks running around in a tight yellow dress, there’s not much going for Walk of Shame so far as I can see. The jokes on display just aren’t that funny, and the most talented individuals in the cast (including Community‘s Gillian Jacobs and stand-up comic Tig Notaro) have been relegated to minor supporting roles. The only part of the red band trailer I even chuckled at was Alphonso McAuley’s reading of the line, “That’s the bitch from the news.” And if that’s Walk of Shame‘s strongest material, this comedy is in trouble.

Still, it’s nice to see Banks stepping up into a leading role for a change. The actress has mainly taken on supporting roles in films as diverse as Role Models and The Hunger Games, but she’s demonstrated strong comedic chops in a variety of projects – most notably the underrated Kevin Smith comedy Zack and Miri Make A Porno.

Walk of Shame also stars James Marsden, Ethan Suplee, Sarah Wright, Oliver Hudson, P.J. Byrne, Willie Garson and Bill Burr. It’s directed and written by Steven Brill, who previously brought us the Adam Sandler atrocity Little Nicky, so that’s not exactly an encouraging sign.

Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough whether this Walk of Shame is worth taking – the film opens May 2nd.

Source: The Playlist