Ellen DeGeneres Will Keep Swimming In The Finding Nemo Sequel

Just keep swimming, Ellen!

Screen Rant is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres will likely return as Dory in Pixar’s anticipated Finding Nemo sequel. The talk show host and comedienne is in negotiations to reprise her role from the 2003 film that, along with Toy Story, made Pixar a household name.

A lot of folks seem to be returning to the big, blue animated ocean for this sequel. For one, Andrew Stanton, who co-directed the original, is back in the director’s chair after the ill-fated John Carter. There’s also been speculation as to the nature of the script, which might very well take the Toy Story 2 route and bring back many of the original characters.

This means we should watch out for Albert Brooks et al to be attached. Then again, perhaps we’ll have a Dory-centric script, with the little blue tang fish striking out on her own. Scripting duties fall to Victoria Strouse (Angela’s Eyes, Happy Town), but Stanton will likely be involved in the writing, as he has been in most of his features.

Pixar has a good track record with sequels, Cars 2 notwithstanding. Finding Nemo was among its most wildly successful ventures and deservedly so. With the prequel to Monsters Inc. (Monsters University) due out next summer, and Finding Nemo itself coming to 3D on September 14, there’s a lot of … Pixar-iness to look forward to.

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